What is Walk for Ravenswood?

Walk for Ravenswood is an annual fitness-focused fundraising program, engaging Ravenswood students in healthy activity while raising money for their school. The program is designed to spotlight the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices, while empowering students to contribute to the needs of their school community. This event will raise money for the benefit of Friends of Ravenswood School (FORS). The funds raised by 8th graders will be put toward their class trip to Washington D.C. in the spring. FORS will utilize all other funds raised to support our fine and performing arts programming.


Instructions To Make a Pledge

1)  Select the 'Make a Pledge Now' button below.

2)  Follow instructions to make online pledge.  Will only take a few minutes.


How can I make a big impact?

Share this website with Friends & Family!!!!  The majority of Walk a Thon pledges come from outside city of Chicago.  Communicate this great event with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  We are all committed to Ravenswood Students! 

  • Send them this link: https://fors.schoolauction.net/walkathon2017/
  • To parents, don't need to setup a pledge page for your student (in past years each student had a pledge page).  Instead friends & family simply complete the 'Pledge Here' form and include student name.


Event Details

On Friday, October 6th 2017, Ravenswood students in grades Pre-K thru 8 will gather on the south playground track, and walk for 60 minutes to earn pledges made by family, friends and neighbors for their school.  It will be a day of teamwork, sportsmanship and community. When it's all said and done, more than their heart rates will rise.


Pledges are being accepted from Friday, September 15th   through October 6th

The three classrooms with the most money raised will win Target gift cards!!!  Winning classrooms will be announced Friday, October 13th !

For more information, please see Mr. Switzer.  And, good luck!

Pre-K-- 008 Mrs. Williams              007 Mrs. Lazar

K--          109 Mrs. Vergil                 208 Mr. Jacobi

1st--        206 Mrs. Residori             207 Ms. Mehl

2nd--       110 Ms. Domzalski           111 Ms. Lonis

3rd--       310 Mr. Tajchman            312 Mrs. Ludwig              

4th--       305 Mrs. Manocha           304 Mrs. Stallard

5th--       309 Mr. Hart                      311 Mr. Garcia

6th--       203 Mrs. Schroeder          104 Mr. Catarello

7th--       202 Ms. Hemesath           213 Mr. Panion

8th--       002 Ms. Toomey               003 Ms. DeLoof


Who is Friends of Ravenswood (FORS)?

FORS is a non-profit group of interested parents and community members joining with school administrators, staff and teachers to gather private supplemental support – in the form of funding, volunteers and various professional expertise – for the benefit of Ravenswood School, its programs and all of its students. The funds we raise help the school pay for teachers, programs, field trips, supplies and other essentials that make Ravenswood great. To learn more, including joining FORS, visit website here.